PRV14 Private Walking Tour: Acropolis, Monastiraki & Plaka, the Athens old town tour

Duration: 03:30 (Approx.)


  • Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechtheion, Nike Temple, Dionysus Theater and Sanctuary

  • Τhe non-touristy, picturesque part of the old town of Athens, the Anafiotika

  • Beautiful old houses, chapels “carved” on the slopes of the Acropolis

  • Plaka’s major monuments (the Roman Agora, the Tower of the winds, Hadrian’s library a.o.)

  • Early morning visit to the Acropolis

  • Small group tour

  • Skip-the-line service

  • Only licensed guides

  • Feel the pulse of the city

Tour Details


  • Local licensed guide

  • Skip-the-line service, immediate access to  the Acropolis

  • Athens Guide magazine

  • Athens map


  • Entrance fees

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off service

  • Food and beverages

  • Gratuities (gratuity rates in Greece are around 10% of service cost)

A thorough, early morning visit of the Acropolis, followed by a wonderful walk through the unknown alleys and the secret corners of  Plaka

Skip-the-Line-Access: The Acropolis

Entrance tickets are not included in the tour fee and the ticket costs will be owed to the tour guide before the tour begins.  We save you time by buying entrance tickets in advance so you can skip the lines. This service is provided at no extra cost.  Note that children under 18 years old have free admission to the Acropolis and all the archaeological sites (by showing ID or pass)

Beat the heat and the crowds by visiting the Acropolis early in the morning! Entering on the south slope of the Acropolis, you’ll visit the Dionysus Sanctuary and Dionysus Theater before you walk up the slope leading to the Acropolis monuments. Panoramic views of the city will be perfect for Instagram-ready photos.  

As you explore the Acropolis with your guide, you’ll gain insight into the significance of its historic monuments including the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Propylaia and the Nike Temple.

Note: After the first part of the tour ends at the Acropolis you will have time to take more photos before continuing your walk through the alleys of the Plaka.  Before the  second part of your tour begins, you may get a snack or a drink.

Plaka: The Neighborhood of the Gods

Enter the most unique part of the city and discover with your knowledgeable local guide, its tranquil, picturesque and mystic hidden corners. For a while, forget the city sounds and get the feeling that you are walking through the alleys of a Cycladic island, however, with a history of over 3000 years!

Myth and history are intertwined with snapshots from the modern culture of Athens.

Anafiotika, Plaka’s hidden gem and all its worth-seeing treasures, will be revealed to you with the help of your guide, while experiencing an unforgettable journey of discovery.

Connect the dots between “yesterday” and “today” by letting your guide unveil unknown parts of history and significant details on historical buildings, beautiful old chapels and numerous monuments.

Find hidden gems of unspoiled beauty and magnificent views and learn secrets unknown even to many Athenians.

The tour ends at the lively, touristy area of Monastiraki square, where you will discover the Flea Market and lots of souvenir shops at approx. 12:00 noon.

Meeting Point

Your Athens Walking Tours guide will be waiting for you holding the orange colored Athens Walking Tours sign. The meeting point is the Fresko Yogurt Bar located on 3 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street which is at the beginning of the pedestrian walkway that takes you from Hadrian's Arch to the Acropolis.

Please be at the meeting point at 8:15 am

Tip: While you wait for your guide at the Fresko Yogurt Bar, it is a good opportunity to try a serving of fresh authentic Greek yogurt, best when topped with honey or a Greek spoon sweet. Be sure to ask for a free sample!

Our Free Skip-the-Line Service

Through our free skip-the-line service, we buy the tickets for you in advance, so you don’t have to wait on line. This complimentary service gives you immediate access to the sights listed on the tour.  We ask that you please make sure you have enough cash (euros) with you to purchase the tickets.

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PRV14 Private Walking Tour: Acropolis, Monastiraki & Plaka, the Athens old town tour